Music Therapy Research

Healing Using Music

HUM Uplifts and strengthens communities by making music accessible to everyone and accomplishes this by providing free music performances to schools, care facilities, and public spaces to raise awareness for charitable causes.

World Federation of Music Therapy

WFMT develops and promotes music therapy world-wide and offers education, job and volunteer opportunities, a publication center, and membership opportunities for a variety of services to help those in need.

Institute for Music and Neurologic Function

IMNF is a non-profit which provides groundbreaking music therapy programs to restore, maintain, and improve physical, emotional, and neurological functioning through the methodical use of music.

American Music Therapy Association

AMTA supports and promotes music therapy and its aggressive use in rehabilitation, special education, and community settings, offering memberships to those interested.

Voices- A World Forum for Music Therapy

Voices is an open-access music publication outlet and forum, spreading music education through research.

After School Music Education

V1 Save the Music Foundation

VH1-STM is a non-profit that raises awareness about music’s importance in childhood development and education and is dedicated to restoring music programs in America‚Äôs public schools.

Rosie Foundation

A free music academy for children in inner-city Phoenix using music education as a catalyst for changing the lives of kids in the area.

Mr. Holland Opus Foundation

Aims to keep music education strong and available to kids without the means and access to play and has provided thousands of children instruments in schools.

World Children’s Choir

WCC promotes intercultural collaboration through the empowerment of children’s voice choir to facilitate positive international relations and the promotion of music to our world’s youth.

Music Unites

Helps to empower children and partners with music celebrities, their ambassadors, and music sponsors to promote music projects and events at local schools and educate kids through music.

Playing For Change

A non-profit organization dedicated to developing schools around the world dedicated to music and other arts.


Music Vendors

Hungry for Music

Provides children and music teachers music instruments to provide those under served.

National Association of Music Merchants

NAMM provides shows, events, and other services to promote music awareness and its creation to people of all ages, traveling to schools to teach students various aspects of music as well.

Global Music Project

A music instrument donation program that provides those underprivileged youth to help educate and grow in music. (Changing Fate)

A non-profit organization providing cancer survivors and their caregivers musical equipment and education, as well as interactive digital art outlets, as a form of healing.

Fender Music Foundation

Music charity that provides music instruments to children in classrooms and other early music education programs.